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Logistics & distribution

HabrakenRutten has developed the industry knowledge required to provide specialised support to clients in the logistics and distribution sector. Clients face an ever-tightening race to gain a competitive advantage in this sector. Our expertise includes advising on sophisticated warehouses and logistic hubs whether connected to road, railway, airport, or seaport. We understand the sector specific challenges, including climatization and refrigeration while achieving the highest possible sustainability rating. We also advise our clients on realising facilities with the very latest of data collection, high-tech internal transport and order picking systems.


Westfields Logistics Eindhoven 
Advising on the development, construction, letting and sale of the Westfields Logistic Centre near Eindhoven Airport, the largest of its kind (100,000 sqm) in the Netherlands to date


European Locomotive Repair Centre
Development and construction, for a joint venture of Japanese and German rolling stock companies, of their cargo locomotive maintenance and repair centre in the Rotterdam port, one of the largest of its kind in Europe


Data Centre Campus 
Advising on the D&C contracting of a 32,000 sqm/40 MW data centre campus near Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport


Smart Distribution Centre 
Advising on the design and construction of the innovative Amsterdam 'Cityhub' distribution centre

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