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Energy & utilities

The energy and utilities industry is charged with delivering greater innovation at higher quality and lower cost. Projects are becoming more complex with the requirements of embedded software and electronics content. Developers are increasingly taking on lifecycle management rather than mere development and connection. The industry is moving from traditional procurement models to operating in partner ecosystems to achieve seamlessness between development, production, maintenance, grid and storage. 

HabrakenRutten has extensive experience of the technical, commercial and legal issues that arise in the energy and utilities industry. We advise stakeholders on projects in all energy and utilities related areas including oil & gas, power, (waste)water and waste management. We have particular experience in advising on alternative energy & renewables, including (offshore) wind farm projects, solar power and storage of energy.


Solar Farms
Advising an international renewable energy investor on its acquisition of a portfolio of solar farms generating around 2 gigawatts (GW) of solar energy in the Netherlands.


Advising an investment fund on the financing and acquisition of the first CAES (compressed air energy storage) facility in the Netherlands


Wind Farm Fryslân
Advising one of the contractors on the biggest inland water wind farm in the world, the 1.5 TWh  Wind Farm Fryslân, in the IJsselmeer (the former Zuydersea)


Waste Gasification Plant 
Arbitration (NAI) regarding the construction and performance of a waste gasification plant (EPC contract). 

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