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Industry & offshore

Traditional creators of capital assets are increasingly becoming providers of services and cross-sector solutions. Industry classifications are being rewritten as technological change shifts boundaries and industry players are rarely found within one narrow sector anymore. Further, IoT and embedded AI heralds predictive maintenance across industries, which introduces new challenges.

Our expertise encompass all types of industry built portable or fixed assets and offshore facilities. Being largely sponsor and equity investor-focused, we have experience in providing legal services from early planning and project development phases, through construction, operation and asset retirement. We have experience in advising contractors and suppliers on fixed and floating structures, subsea pipelines, platforms and offshore wind parks and have been involved in a number of offshore North Sea wind parks in recent time.


Mega Tank Terminal 
Advising one of the largest Dutch tank terminal operators on the development and construction of a new mega tank terminal in the port of Rotterdam, including 54 tanks with a total capacity of 1,3 million m3 


Offshore 4G Network 
Advising on the construction and maintenance of a new offshore 4G network, connecting oil rigs on the North Sea. Advising the Dutch contractors vis-a-vis a Norwegian telecom provider


Divestment asphalt and concrete plant
Advising on the sale and dismantling of a large asphalt and concrete plant, including contracting on redevelopment and relocation


Oil rig test frame
Representing a construction consortium on its multimillion litigation versus an international offshore heavy lift company regarding a test frame for the dismantling of depleted oil rigs in the North Sea 

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