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Successfully representing the aviation industry in a multi-billion euro arbitration dispute on the Joint Strike Fighter project

Successfully representing a leading producer of integrated circuits against the world's largest electronics company in an ICC arbitration seated in the Netherlands

Co-counsel representing the sponsors versus the state on the landmark IJmuiden Sea Locks PPP

Acting as member of dispute adjudication boards for, i.a. the new Amsterdam North-South subway connection, the ‘Rijnlandroute’ tunnel motorway connection between the A4 and the A44, the Hollandse Kust Zuid 11 MW offshore windfarm

Acting as arbitrator/binding advisor in several multimillion dollar yacht delivery disputes

Submitting expert opinions on several high value international disputes, i.a.  claims against Indonesia on mining interests and claims regarding the building of navy vessels

Toon van Mierlo is widely considered a senior statesman in the area of commercial litigation and arbitration. Throughout his career he has acted as a counsel as well as arbitrator in international NAI, unus and ICC tribunals, often in construction related disputes. He also has vast experience acting as a member of several dispute adjudication boards in the infrastructure, real estate and energy sectors.

Toon is known for some of the most high-profile matters concerning, amongst other, the defence industry (Joint Strike Fighter), real estate development (land acquisition and area development near the Amsterdam international airport), infrastructure (the Amsterdam North-South subway) and energy (off shore windfarms). Disputes on securities and attachments is one of his specialities.

Alongside his legal practice, Toon is a Professor of law at Rotterdam's Erasmus University (since 1993) and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (since 2016). He is an author of two leading handbooks on Dutch Civil Law and a contributor of Dutch jurisprudence as an well-known annotator to the Dutch Supreme Court decisions.

Prof dr Toon van Mierlo

Prof dr Toon van Mierlo


T: +31 (0)88 374 49 00
M: +31 (0)651 86 96 93

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