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Representing the investors in a litigation regarding the foundation of a new two level underground parking garage under The Hague North Sea beach boulevard

Representing a construction joint venture in a litigation against a Dutch/Spanish contractor of a natural stone façade for the prestigious Amsterdam Valley residential project

Representing the general contractor in a high stake arbitration on the glass façade of the European Patent Office near The Hague

Representing a Dutch/German construction joint venture in an arbitration regarding the coal-fired Eemshaven electrical plant

Gert Weerheim is an experienced litigator, specialized in public procurement, construction and real estate. He advises and litigates in a broad range of construction and real estate disputes and especially represents clients in procurement disputes, i.a. in summary proceedings. He has specific expertise in foundation technique related issues. Gert has completed the Grotius specialist programme on procurement law with honours.

Gert Weerheim

Gert Weerheim


T: +31 (0)88 374 49 19
M: +31 (0)6 11 59 70 28

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