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Networks & telecom

With smart cities, IoT, 5G and other digital transformations, telecom networks face increasing demand of speed and capacity. Where fibre optics cannot satisfy the increasing use of data the market will densify the network by way of small cells, terrestrial connection, hybrid techniques, 5G and other wireless techniques. We have expertise in the implications of these developments across all relevant legal areas.

For energy infrastructure, the transition to sustainable energy sources is an important driver for change. As we move from centralised to decentralised energy sources, new networks and connections must be provided and maintained. We have knowledge regarding the issues arising in the contracting, execution and maintenance of both complex and first-of-its kind networks, from EV-charging infrastructure and energy neutral buildings to smart high-voltage (mono pylon) grids.


Optic Fibre Network
All contracting for the structuring, design, construction, registration and maintenance of a Fibre-to-the-Home communication network of 33,000 B2C and B2B connections

5G Network
Structuring and drafting of contract documentation for new 5G infrastructure (‘smart traffic’) solutions

Telecom Master Agreement
Structuring and drafting the new master agreement for all copper and fibre network design, construction and maintenance with a large Dutch telecom provider

New high voltage network trajectories
Advising the construction consortium on the contracting for several new high voltage trajectories, using innovative ‘monopile’ masts, the first large new trajectories in The Netherlands since the 1960’s.